Every person wants to be sure about tomorrow. Unexpected events that break the usual course of things can have significant financial and even mental consequences. In a rapidly moving world, it’s barely possible to keep in mind all upcoming business meetings, medical appointments, birthdays, and tons of other events. Therefore, the need for reliable scheduling tools is pretty high. Businesses can use such state of affairs and provide their clients with access to a convenient online scheduling system that will help not to lose each other in the hurricane of events. In this article, we’ll focus on DHTMLX Scheduler, a tool that allows creating online scheduling apps.

What is DHTMLX Scheduler

DHTMLX Scheduler is a Google-like JavaScript event calendar component with a wide range of views and features. It provides users with a clean UI and customizable appearance.

Among the useful features of this JavaScript component, we can consider the following:

  • Recurring events that can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis according to the needs of end-users
  • The map view allows leveraging the ability of integration with Google Maps. With this feature, particular events can be associated with a location on the map
  • Complete customization allows creating appearance and behavior that matches the style of your web app and its purpose
  • Multiple resource view is a feature that allows displaying several calendars for various resources (e.g., employees, offices, equipment, etc.)
  • The mini calendar helps to simplify navigation for users
  • Cross-browser support will help to ensure that none of your end-users face any issues during the work
  • Support for touch screens can significantly expand the number of end-users who prefer to work on their tablets and smartphones
  • Accessibility features include WAI-ARIA support, high-contrast themes, and keyboard navigation

These and many other features have made DHTMLX Scheduler an excellent choice for companies from different business fields. The component is constantly evolving, so we wouldn’t be surprised if, at the moment of this reading, you’ll find some new features not mentioned above.

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Now, let’s take a look at all the variety of applications that you can create with DHTMLX Scheduler.

How DHTMLX Scheduler Helps

To demonstrate to you a wide range of possibilities that DHTMLX Scheduler provides, we’ll focus on different domains. In each case, the use of this component allowed our clients to create more business value.

School Schedule Maker App

Nowadays, education is a competition filed where you have to convince your potential students to choose you among the others. One of the possible ways to do so is the skillful use of technology that can provide an excellent learning experience. School Schedule Maker App demonstrates the results of such efforts:


The app makes class timetables creation easy and intuitive. Users can review the list of school teachers and courses and drag a particular course to the calendar grid to add it to the schedule. The teacher’s profile displays the number of lessons currently assigned, reserved rooms, and other info. Built-in templates enable auto-assignment functionality. This software tool helps schools to simplify the schedule management and ensure data safety.

GPS Fleet Management and Truck Booking System

Fleet management systems with GPS tracking support have become an integral part of any logistics organization. Such software helps to increase the efficiency of drivers by collecting data from GPS tracking devices and providing some useful info on its basis. For example, fleet management apps can help you to plan optimal routes for delivery, avoid traffic jams, choose the optimal speed, and so on. The GPS Fleet Management and Truck Booking System is precisely one of those systems:

DHTMLX Scheduler allowed our developers to create a reliable and intuitive system with truck booking features. Customers can review the list of available cars and their locations on the map (remember the Google Maps support?), which helps to choose the most convenient option.  Customers can receive notifications via email or mobile devices. The adoption of this app helped our clients to increase user satisfaction and efficiently monitor the condition of assets.

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Accessibility Application with a Booking Calendar

Modern software technologies allow providing students with disabilities with opportunities to realize their potential. Applications that follow accessibility standards help to participate in education and training without being a subject of discrimination. Digital technologies are easily accessible, which allows using them to provide people with new opportunities. Accessibility Application with a Booking Calendar is one of the examples:

This booking calendar provides such accessibility features as WAI-ARIA support, keyboard navigation, and high-contrast themes. WAI-ARIA implies the use of additional attributes that can make the component recognizable for screen readers, which is pretty useful for users with visual impairments. Keyboard navigation helps to use the app without mouse pointers but only with keyboard. The high-contrast theme is one of the features of DHTMLX Scheduler. It makes the UI more distinct and more comfortable to see. The system built with this JavaScript tool allows users to eliminate most of the possible issues that users with visual disabilities can face during the work with a computer.

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Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Patients of medical institutions are still customers, and their expectations should be satisfied since it directly affects the success of your business. If you don’t meet the needs of your patients, they can choose another company that will treat them better. Appointment scheduling is one of the essential parts of the medical business. A well-designed scheduling app will help you to reduce no-shows and canceled appointments. Our Online Medical Appointment Scheduling App was created to help healthcare companies to provide clients with services that meet their high expectations:

This app helps to minimize the efforts required to book health appointments and make it less time-consuming. Mobile devices support allowed deploying the app across a wide range of mobile and tablet devices. DHTMLX Scheduler is a lightweight and easily configurable JavaScript component that helps to create web and mobile apps that work without any lags and look great. The adoption of this app helped our client to increase patient satisfaction significantly.

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DHTMLX Scheduler is a JavaScript tool which customization abilities allow using it for almost any type of project that includes event planning. Whether you’re in the education business, medicine, or IT, there’s always a feature or two that will make this tool an excellent choice for you. Take a bunch of killer features, add rich customization possibilities, and you’ll get a recipe of a JavaScript scheduler that can satisfy the needs of most demanding users.