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Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testing covers testing of quality properties of a component or system, which can be measured by different values not belonging to a specific function or user action. This type of testing allows you to test how the system works.

These software properties define:

  • Product reliability – system response to unforseen situations
  • Product performance – system operability under different loads
  • Product usability – research of product user-friendliness
  • Product scalability – requirements to horizonal and vertical scaling. Scalability defines system ability to process big loads. It can refer to different system parameters: amount of extra traffic it can receive, how easy it is to get higher storage capacity, how many more other transactions can be processed.
  • Product security – user data safety
  • Product portability – possibility to port the product to different platforms

The above described software properties can be researched by means of the following types of testing:

Installation testing –

helps check out the success of app installation, setting up and removal. This type of testing allows reduce the risks of user data loss, as well as its operation failure.

Usability testing

– demonstrates whether the system is convenient, clear and easy to use by the end user.

Configuration testing

, or Portability testing – defines product usability in various environments, with different system configurations (set platforms, supported drivers, at various configurations of computers, etc.). It is also known as Compatibility testing.

Failover and Recovery Testing

– research of system recovery abilities after possible errors and failures.

Implementation of the above described tests allows defining the system quality as a whole, and the effect it will have on the app popularity and rating of the development company for the end users.

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